Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why "Logicman"?

Some may ask why the name "Logicman"?
It might smack of hubris or conceit. As if I am the only logical one. But I really think that in our discussions of American life and it's politics, we ignore basic logical thinking. And rely upon our passions and predjudices.
And in these discussions we have forgotten or ignored the history of our country and the world. Someone once said "If we do not know history we are doomed to repeat it".
Some countries are very aware of this concern and has passed laws regarding it. In Germany, for example, one could be sent to jail for denying the existance of the Holocaust of World War Two. Similar penalties are in effect in Rawanda concerning the recent mass exicution of Hutis and Tutus.

In light of our country's past racist policies, it would seem that in todays political discourse we need to be very careful to examine our motivation when we critisize our current President. we must be sure that it is based on reasonableness and logic (there's that word again) and not predjudice.
A current example is when President Obama was asked to speak at the commencement of the University of Arizona. In the past each speaker that were invited were given a honorable degree as a token of the school's appreciation. Obama was denied that honor and the University said that Obama did not have a body of work to be given that honor.
It sounds reasonable right? Except the year before they gave an honorable degree to Tommy Lasorda! A basball manager!!
Somehow being the President of the United States (not to mention the first black President) and a Nobel Peace prize winner was not as impressive as being the manager of the Dodgers. It smacks of overt racism.
Each individual must speak out agaainst this type of predjudice and require any debate to be at a higher level based on facts and logic and not participate either overtly or passively in any racist dialogue.